Olly Murs is a true PEACH

What a peach

Cheeky chappie Olly Murs dropped his trousers and gave his fans a cheeky view in a video he just uploaded to his Instagram account. Pulling up his pants and giving himself a massive wedgie to showcase his rather pert ass…et

Had a cracking day today ???

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He captioned the video, “Had a cracking day” just to prove that he’s got a sense of humour.

This isn’t the first time that Olly has given his fans a nudey view, he’s posed without clothes numerous times, once with a trophy in a locker room and a pineapple to hide his modesty.

Here’s a couple of other nekkid moments from


Well done it Boys!!! Championssssss 2016!!! #coggeshalltownfc ???

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