Instagram removes body positive gay magazine Meat from its platform

Instagram has banned the account of a magazine that champions body positivity in gay men.

Meat magazine has found itself falling foul of Instagram‘s “puritanical censorship” rules on nudity, despite not showing any genitals or exposed buttocks. The magazine, which also prints a calendar has not one but two of its accounts removed by the picture sharing site.

Meat‘s first Instagram account had amassed over 15,000 fans when it was erased by the Facebook-owned company and the second account had 4000 fans.

Speaking to THEGAYUK.com the magazine’s owner, Adrian said, “Meat‘s mission is to champion body positivity amongst gay men, in a community where many often feel sidelined by ‘stereotypical’ male beauty standards. The zine allows our followers and fans to celebrate and own their unique beauty, no matter their age, race, body shape or type.”

One of the pictures that apparently failed Instagram’s nudity test.

Instagram has proved an essential part of promoting Meat‘s body-positive message to gay, bi and curious men across the globe. Adrian added, “Instagram doesn’t just help to promote the magazine, it allows our fans a space to see themselves as others see them, and to share and spread Meat‘s message of body positivity for all”.

The pictures shared by Meat on its last account showed men, who though undressed, were not naked – due to the huge modesty circle on top of the genital area.

However, in stark contrast Kim Kardashian has posted several fully nude pictures of herself – obtaining millions of likes and the platform has taken no action against the account.

The magazine has now created a new account and added even more heavily edited pictures so as to not fall foul of Instagram’s nudity rules.